February Drum Rudiment Reinforcement Classes 

rudiments FEB

Next Class Friday Feb 24th with Karl Killer!

What are rudiments?

Rudiments are simply groups of notes/strokes that have a set pattern between the right and left hands, known as sticking patterns. These patterns form the basic building blocks of drumming. Rudiment Reinforcement is the key to success in this area of drumming.

Why should I take a drum rudiment reinforcement class?

Rudiment reinforcement is key to basic drumming skill.  A drummer without this skill may find their playing is somewhat limited compared to a drummer with good rudimental knowledge and ability. Rudiments also make valuable exercises for developing technique, speed and endurance.

Rudiments are also a great help in developing the weaker hand. Most right-handed drummers will find that their left hand is weaker in comparison to the right (the opposite is usually true for left-handed drummers). As most rudiments consist of alternating patterns and are usually required to sound as even as possible, this helps to develop both hands equally.

Many beginner drummers can feel overwhelmed when they begin to realize just how many rudimental possibilities there are and how long it might take to learn them. However, all rudiments are formed out of only three most basic rudimental groups – Single Strokes, Double Strokes and Flams. Under the expert guidance of Karl Killer you will quickly master these and be on your way to success!