February 24th 7 pm 

 Open Mic Night @ RVP Studios the best place for performers in New Haven County!

It’s Friday Open Mic Night!  BYO- Dinner, Snacks, Beverages! We love to share!
Fans & friends, make an evening of it. Share good times, great music, with some great people in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Perform on stage under the lights like a real rockstar! venuecopen mic_n

Open to all ages- kids to adults! We have a great time!    $10 Door Charge.

RVP Studios Open Mic Night:is a safe, fun place for kids and adults to practice their performance skills. You get more comfortable every time you perform. Improve your confidence and network with other performers. Challenge yourself! Increase your creativity! You won’t find a more supportive audience than at the RVP-Performance Plus community!

Hosted by Sandy Connolly of the Sandy Connolly Band. All instruments and vocals welcome, all styles of music! Poetry readings and theater scenes welcome!

Do you get nervous performing? We all do! The more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable you will become. The atmosphere is an inviting cafe type environment. You perform on stage with lights, mics, and our professional sound technicians will help you sound great!  Open Mic night is the last Friday of every month. Students who have come consistently have seen great improvement in their performance skills.  Here are a few of tips for getting the most of an open mic night: 

  • Challenge yourself. Play some untested new material or some that you think may need work. This isn’t a huge gig so make sure you use the experience as a chance to experiment a bit.
  • Try to be confident. Confidence comes across positively in your performance and interaction. If you are nervous or not confident, use this as a chance to practice faking it a little. You will soon see the benefits which will help you do it for real. 
  • Make sure you are well practiced. This is an obvious point but always make sure you have prepared well and know what you plan to do, even if it’s new ground for you.
  • Do some networking. Always be respectful of other performers and try to engage people involved in your local scene. It’s always good to know other local musicians as they can often get you gigs or help you out if a support act bails etc.
  • Make sure you introduce/sign off well. Expanding your fanbase is a core responsibility for any artist so make sure you introduce yourself clearly and tell people where to find your music to listen to/buy and how to interact with you online.