Parris Frost
Vocal Lessons

Parris Frost is an experienced and well-trained singer/performer with an extremely versatile background in the music and entertainment industry. Her high level training started with learning classical styles and music theory at Cooperative Arts & Humanities Magnet High School which prepared her to move on to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. READ MORE

Chrissy Grazio, Voice

Chrissy has studied voice since she was six years old. She has extensive knowledge In vocal technique and performance and has been part of the RVP staff teaching vocal lessons for the past 5 years using Rose Coppola’s Rock Your Vox curriculum. READ MORE

Dan Dan Torretta,
Piano, Drums, Guitar, Music Theory

Playing music since the age of fourteen and having studied with multiple teachers, Dan has performed in a wide variety of musical ensembles.  Dan can play and teach a wide variety of musical instruments including drums, piano and the guitar. He teaches and inspires students each and every week to perfect their craft and go for their dreams.  READ MORE

Tom D'Ademo Guitar Teacher

Tommy D’Ademo,
Guitar & Song Writing

Tommy is a performing singer-songwriter. Tom’s first EP “In The Moment”, was recorded and released in late 2014, and is an acoustic presentation of original songs on guitar and piano. The album received the 2015 Alternative Album of the Year Award by the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA). Tom has been an RVP family member for several years and  is committed to teaching success with all of his students.

Todd Grosberg,
Bass & Guitar Lessons

Todd Grosberg started playing bass guitar at the age of 14. Todd is from Milford, CT. and was a member of the Joseph A. Foran High School jazz, concert, and marching band While playing in the his school jazz band Todd also played in many other cover bands playing metal, rock, funk, etc…

Kathy Steahle,

Kathy is an accomplished and diverse player. She has performed with multiple bands such as: Euclid’s Bakery, Milk of Wonder, Puss in Boots, REVOL, MILK, Quest of the Moon Breed, SisterfunkRun Jenny and If Not For Dreaming. Openings on Saturdays!


Susan Larkin

Susan Larkin,
Voice & Acting Coach

Susan Larkin is excited to be bringing acting coaching to Performance Plus and RVP studios. Susan is available for individual acting coaching and also will be offering group classes.  Susan is also an accomplished vocalist and vocal teacher offering individualized vocal lessons for her students. 

Mike Henss
Band Director, Guitar, Ukelele

Michael has been playing guitar for 26 years, and he has also spent a considerable amount of time studying electric bass and drums. While studying music at the University of Maine, Michael developed an interest in composition and spent a great deal of time writing music and developing a personal compositional style. Following his time at the University of Maine, he studied audio production for music and film at the Audio Recording Technology Institute and interned with world-renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz.  His musical expertise lies in rock, metal, folk, and electronic music.

Greg Trabandt,
Advanced Drums

Greg is Back! We are excited to have Greg back teaching advanced drum lessons at RVP!  Drumming since the age of nine, Greg is an accomplished & diverse player. Greg has performed in school jazz, concert bands and the All Eastern UCONN Symphony Orchestra. After graduating from Lyman Memorial High School in Lebanon, CT – Greg left for NYC. READ MORE