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winter 2017 show

Saturday, December 9th

1pm, 4 pm, 7 pm

It’s your time to shine!

Performing is an important part of learning an instrument!

  1. A Goal– Having an outcome for all the hard work a student is pouring into their instrument is important. A performance is something a student can strive for and look forward to.
  2. A learning opportunity – Performing is learning. When a student is preparing for a showcase they are learning stage etiquette, audience etiquette, stage set up, how to deal with performance anxiety, how they personally react to being on stage, recovering from mistakes, listening skills, how to perform under pressure, and perform with others.
  3. A Record of Progress- Musicians can be highly critical of themselves. It can be difficult for them to hear their progress. Some students may feel that they are not progressing at all if they do not improve by leaps and bounds over the course of a week. Recording performances is a great way for students to hear their progress over an extended period time*.
  4. Encouragement- Performance time is always a good time for students to receive encouragement from teachers, family, and peers. This will give them more drive for the next performance and encourage them to seek more performance opportunities.
  5. And so much more!!!

*We can provide a professionally recorded and edited video of your student’s performance for only $25.00! Now you can sit back and enjoy the performance without watching it through a cameral lens or your phone!  Sign up now!