Play in a Band

How It Works

Our performance program adds teamwork and collaboration to our music instruction. In addition to their private lessons, students participate in a weekly 2-hour band session to collaborate and practice their songs as a band and learn other aspects of performing such as harmonies, musicianship, and stage presence. At the end of the module the band will have an opportunity to perform the songs in an authentic rock show environment for invited family and friends.

Students hone their music skills by learning some of the greatest songs in rock ‘n roll! 

Affordable Tuition:  

30 Minute Lessons $125/ 4 lessons
Weekly 2 hour band rehearsal $115/4 weeks

Heavy Metal Band- Tuesday Nights 7-9 pm
Classic Rock Band- Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30 pm
Monday Night Performance Club Band- Mondays 7-9 pm (teens & adults)

Compare to other local performance programs which are $375 per month or more!







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