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Theater & Rehearsal Room Rental Policies

  1. Deposits on rooms must be received no less than 24 hours in advance.
    • Non-refundable
    • Required deposit is at least half of scheduled time
  2. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours
    • For Room Rehearsal Space deposit is transferred to next scheduled session.
    • For Shows in the Theater- Deposit is forfeited if canceled.
    • Emergencies regarding paying or non-paying members of the group will be allowed one week to reschedule for a future date to avoid cancellations. Any other situation will cause a forfeit of a deposit.
    • Continuance of cancellations will forfeit deposit.
  3. Please ask staff to move or exchange other available equipment between studios!
  4. No smoking inside the building or any of the studio rooms.
  5. Food & beverages are allowed in the studio and should be disposed of in the trash bins. NO DRINKS ON AMPS!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR DAMAGE OR REPLACEMENT!!!
  6. Damaged or missing equipment or furnishings including cables, drums, pedals, chairs, couches, or microphones will be replaced by the band, artist, or person responsible. We will notice missing or broken equipment. This includes PA system!
  7. Do not run the PA in any of our studios by yourself. This is expensive equipment that we hire staff to run properly. Once again, we will notice changes to the system!
  8. Setup is part of your scheduled time. Most likely there will be rehearsal scheduled after yours. We will ask you to pack up with a warning if that is the case. Being late to rehearsal will not guarantee extra time added after scheduled time. Flexibility in scheduling is at the discretion of our staff that night.
  9. We as staff or business owners reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is not abiding by the rules and policies. It will be the staff’s determination if further action needs to be pursued.
  10. For complete details see our rental contracts.